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Nano Zirconium Carbide Powder (n-ZrC)

1. Nano Zirconium Carbide has high purity, narrow distributions range of particle size, high specific surface area and other characteristics.
2. This produce is an important structural material with the high temperature resistance, anti-oxidation, high strength and hardness, good thermal conductivity and toughness.
3. Nano Zirconium Carbide powder also has the characteristics such as the efficient absorption of visible light, the infrared ray reflection, the energy storage and so on.

1. Be widely applied in the coating resistant to high-temperature for aerospace.
2. New-type thermal insulation and thermoregulation textiles field.
3. Manufacture and improvement of nylon

Storage Condition:
Nano Zirconium Carbide Powder should be stored in a cool, dry and sealed environment, can not be exposure to air to avoid reunion in the wet condition, affecting the dispersion properties and use effect, in addition, it should avoid the heavy pressure.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications Appearance color Purity Average particle size Crystal form Specific surface area Zeta-Potential Apparent density
Nano Zirconium Carbide Black >99.0% 20 nm Hexagon 11 m2/g -23.8 mV 0.08 g/cm3

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